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Welcome to the Portfolio of Richard Winder, an aspiring PHP developer with a passion for the web and technology.

I recieved my first computer at aged 11 before this I had to beg my brother to play on his AMD 600mhz PC.

After recieving a few lessons from a friend currently at college at the time learning HTML/TURBO PASCAL I found my love for website design.
What caught my eye was the simplistic nature of building a website simply with paint and notepad and some free hosting(From MWEB).
Being an avid gamer at the time I found myself joining clans just to build their website.

At roughly 12 years(2000) of age my dad began building an addon to the backpackers we currently had going. My brother(aged 17) instantly saw an ideal opportunity for this new Add-On, to host LAN Parties! Soon we were hosting tri-annual "Carnage.LAN (Video)" parties attracting hoards of gamers from all over the country. Once my brother got back from the UK and was accepted into Cape Teck(2006) we moved our venue to Belville, Cape Town which gave us the opportunity to accept 5 times the amount of gamers we were catering for previously.

With the community growing so too did my programming skills becoming more confident with PHP and MySQL, to cater with the growing interest in our LAN Party. Before we knew it we had 4000 registered members taking part in our POL's, Forums, contributing articles & hardware reviews. Each update and addition to the website was hailed on our forums and people often expressed their gratitude for the hardwork I poured into the gaming community.

In early 2009 we decided to move on from the gaming scene after my brother proposed to his girlfriend and myself finding work becoming more and more important. It was with great sadness to have our final LAN party and say goodbye to the community we grew up with.

Since leaving the LAN parties - I have:

  • 4 Months hosting telephonic/email support and PHP troubleshooting for a hosting company (WebAfrica) in Hope Street, Cape Town.

  • 9 Months developing PHP/MYSQL/JQUERY/AJAX software for a hotel company (Village & Life) in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

  • 10 Months helping my folks run their business (Windstone) in the hospitality industry. I also revamped their website which allows credit card payments, bookings, and full content management.

  • 9 Months working freelance for Village & Life, Anne Porter Property Rentals, Soarsoft SA and a number of other customers in Cape Town.

  • 12 months (September 2010 - May 2011) developing automated Microsoft Excel financial reports with my sister-in-law (AutoExcel Reporting) for companies using Pastel & SAP accounting software with the Alchemex report writing module.

  • Please feel free to browse through my work and contact me if you wish to know more.