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Title Power Supply Fundamentals by Dark_Angel
Article Guys, i have been having compatibility problems with my PSU and Motherboard, so i did some more research into the problem. I came across this article. Its a MUST READ. Just helps allot to know more about the simple yet complicated PSU that gives life to your monster! Have a look at it, i have learned allot since reading this.. I know the article is a bit old but its still very important information most of it which will help you in making your monster running smooth. Have a read and i hope this is of help to someone else!

Often one of the biggest noise makers in a PC, the Power Supply Unit delivers regulated DC voltages to various components. Computer PSUs are switching mode types, which provide relatively high efficiency at low cost. They utilize forced air cooling, usually an 80mm fan, and sometimes incorporate a second fan. The fan is the primary source of noise in a PSU. Coils in a PSU can buzz and hum, especially when pushed under high loads, but usually fan noise masks coil noise. Typically, the fan is rated for higher than the maximum airflow needed to keep the PSU cool. It's cheap engineering insurance for the manufacturer and also fulfills the case cooling role of the PSU fan.

The Rest

Some other links to information someone might find interesting.
Form Factors - ATX Power Supply
Net Express - Power Supplies
Cool Cases - Power Supplies

I found this on the Cool Cases review:
On a more pragmatic level, the issues about these 2.01/2.03 specifications result in compatibility issues that show up in the field is a failure to power up properly--sometimes--and a mysterious reboot or BSOD in a normal work session when there is not an excessive load on the hardware. It can be very frustrating to track this down, for it can appear to be underpower, a weak memory stick, or overheating as well. Generally, right now I would not worry about it.

This review is the one that got my attention. If the ATX power revision number differs allot then there could be problems. The key words of interest here is "Failure to power up properly" and "frustrating to track this down, for it can appear to be underpower, a weak memory stick or overheating". This is the outline of my problem with my current system. Im thus returning(well im trying if they ever come to pickup my PSU) my psu to be swapped out for a supported ATX revision version that would work.

One key reason for your next upgrade to buy a good/strong PSU:

Even so, Is Higher Power Better?
Without getting into technical details, the nature of a power supply is that it delivers as much power as is demanded by the components. This means that when installed in a PC whose components require 200W, a 400W PSU and a 250W PSU will each deliver 200W. Does this mean the 400W is coasting while the 250W is struggling? Not if they are both rated honestly and if they have the same efficiency. If one has lower efficiency than the other, then it will consume more AC to deliver the same power to the components, and in the process, generate more heat within itself. As long as there is adequate power, higher efficiency is the key to cooler, quieter PSU operation.

The main benefit of higher power PSUs is when the airflow in the PSU is deliberately set very low in order to minimize noise. This usually means the PSU components will run hotter. If all other things are equal, a higher rated PSU may be a better choice in such an application because its parts are generally rated for higher current and heat than a lower rated model.

I hope this a contribution to the Carnage folk and that some of you might find this of interest.



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