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(11:55:52) illicit: WA WA WEE WA
(12:19:11) POSIIT7ON: so agree with you D3F1L3R bring back garnage
(21:34:05) D3F1L3R: i remember when oc was SHIT and carnage was where it was happnin but now its the other way i havent even heard of a carnage lan in ages
(21:33:16) D3F1L3R: OC IS THE NEW CARNAGE!@#!@#! @#
(21:33:02) D3F1L3R: CARNAGE IS DEAD
(21:32:54) D3F1L3R: lol people
(08:36:47) VoO: disable this account. please
(20:21:34) BaG_FiGHter: is their a another Carnage [Shout] this website needs more info :P
(21:23:40) RKO: when is the carnage lan by the way?
(03:01:26) POSIIT7ON: when is the next lan


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Title Changelog of DotA Allstars v6.54B by ymoosa5

DotA Allstars v6.54B is Finally out! It’s been a while…and there are much needed balancing, especially Invoker! Without Delay, here is the Latest Changelog

* Added extra dynamic replay data to help replay parsers present in-game data (see below)
* Rebalanced Invoker (see below)
* Reworked Shadow Priest (see below)
* Various changes to Phantom Lancer and Spirit Lance (see below)
* Changes to Aphotic shield and Borrowed Time (see below)

* Improved hero selection process in RD
* Added hotkeys for recipe stores
* Changed Elder Dragon Form MS Bonus from 10/35/60 to a constant 25
* Changed Freezing Field mechanics a bit. The slow now comes from the area rather than the explosions. Changed the distribution method on Freezing Field as well
* First Blood bounty is shared with the team if Sent/Scourge get the last hit
* Untouchable now triggers off being targeted by attacks or spells
* Rewrote Avalanche to fix various minor bugs
* Decreased Inner Vitality cooldown from 30 to 25 seconds
* Lowered Clockwerk’s strength gain
* Lowered early damage on Rocket Flare
* Added Internationalized text support for GameScore Board, EndScore Board and Observer Board
* Added extra data to end of replay (Player Gold, Assists, Neutral CS, Items)
* Improved Bloodrage a little
* Lowered base armor on Lycan’s Wolves from 5 to 2
* Minor reduction to Clockwerk’s base armor
* Rewrote Maledict for some optimizations
* Toss no longer uses manacost/cooldown if you make an invalid cast
* Toss now seeks its target
* You can now only -kickafk allied afk players
* Temporarily undid the movability of items in cooldown while some issues are being fixed
* Phantom Lancer’s images now create a dummy Spirit Lance effect when the primary casts it
* Player turn indicator for RD is made clearer
* Added extra orb effect notations to items and abilities (228748)
* Blur visual effect is now applied only to enemies (190092)
* Changed the name and icon for Flask of Sapphire Water (206885)
* Illuminate wave now gives vision (226661)
* Rewrote Devour. It now shows progress bar overhead and doesn’t reveal you (217291)
* Sentinel Ancients buildings are now in rooted model form (216494)
* Added a new fun mode -mi(miniheroes) that creates the hereos at half size
* Added a new command to customize water color for local player (-water red, -water blue, -water green or -water default)
* Displayed gold animation for First Blood bounty
* Winners are now displayed in Warcraft’s score screen (234657)
* Dummy lineup units in RD now show player name
* Improved Acid Spray visual effect
* Increased Spin Web visual transparency
* Increased the size of the recently added $ symbol for observers and replays
* New Sonic Wave visual effect
* New Maledict visual effect
* New Freezing Field visual effect
* New Black Hole visual effect
* New Spirit Lance visual effect
* New Flask of Sapphire Water visual effect
* New visual effect for units with Poison Nova buff
* New Weave cast visual effect
* Updated Hookshot tooltip
* Fixed a bug with casting March of the Machines on a cliff (DonTomaso)
* Fixed a bug with Feral Heart and swapping or repicking
* Fixed a minor bug with Grow
* Fixed a bug with Infest and Refresher-Necronomicon
* Fixed a bug with Melting Strike on Invoker
* Fixed a bug with Timewalk and Power Cogs
* Fixed a minor bug with Expulsion
* Fixed a rare glitch with Time Walk
* Fixed Armlet typo
* Fixed a rare bug with Borrowed Time where it sometimes doesn’t use cooldown when triggered
* Fixed Battle Hunger buff tooltip
* Fixed Bottle activating Mana Leak
* Fixed Enchant on neutral creeps with initially reduced mana
* Fixed Feral Heart buff level tooltip
* Fixed -fs text bug introduce last version
* Fixed -kickafk warning text not showing up
* Fixed some issues with Hookshotting someone near trees
* Fixed some targetting bugs with Lucifer
* Fixed Stifling Dagger not working properly when it hits a fogged unit
* Fixed various other tooltip errors

++ Invoker Changes:
- Invoke levels at 2/7/12/17 with cooldown from 30/30/15/5 to 30/25/12/5 and manacost from 20/40/60/80 to 20/50/80/110
- Sunstrike: cooldown 60->30, manacost 250->175
- Deafening Blast: cooldown 25->40
- Chaos Meteor: cooldown 30->70
- Forge Spirit: cooldown 70->30, manacost 200->75, casting with ones already on field kills old ones. Improved visual look slightly. If both elements are level 4 or higher, double spawn.
- Tornado: Airtime from 0.4/0.7/1.0/1.3/1.6/1.9/2.2 -> 0.6/0.85/1.1/1.35/1.6/1.85/2.2 Same final damage, 120 starting damage instead of 190
- Alacrity: Is now WWE, cooldown 20->15 Duration 5->6, manacost 125->50, Original IAS: 40/60/80/100/120/140/160. New IAS: 30/40/50/60/70/80/90. It now gives damage as well: 20/30/40/50/60/70/80.
- EMP: changed to pure Wex ability, WWW. 0.5 HP lost for each mana drained. Tweaked various other aspects such as cast range and manacost.
- Ice Wall: Rescaled duration from 4->10 to 3->12. Improved Exort based damage from 5/10/15/20/25/30/35 to 6/12/18/24/30/36/42

++ Shadow Priest:
- Changed Shallow Grave completely. It is now a basic ability
- Changed how Weave works. It is now an ultimate
- Reduced Shadow Priest’s cast point
- Shadow Wave can now bounce back to you at the last wave if you are in range. Also added an extra bounce at level 3 and 4

++ Phantom Lancer:
- Reworked Spirit Lance
- Phantom Lancer images now create a dummy Spirit Lance effect when the real one casts it
- Lowered Doppelwalk invisibility duration from 12 to 8
- Increased and Standardized all Phantom Lancer images’ percentage of damage taken
- Lowered maximum image count

++ Abaddon:
- Improved how Borrowed Time works and increased cooldown
- Reworked Aphotic Shield stats

++ New real-time replay data:
- When a hero dies: Hero<d>,<k> where d=dead player id and k=kill player id
- When a chicken dies: Courier<d>,<k> where d=dead player id and k=kill player id
- When tower dies: Tower<a><l><s>,<k> where a=alliance (0,1 0=sent, 1=scourge) l=level (1,2,3,4) s=side (0=top,1=mid,2=bot) and k=kill player id. for level 4 towers, s=1
- When rax dies: rax<a><s><t>,<k> where a=alliance (0,1 0=sent, 1=scourge) s=side (0=top,1=mid,2=bot) t=rax type (0,1 0=melee, 1=range) k=kill player id
- When Throne gets hurt: Frozen Throne,<p> where p=current percentage hp (75/50/25/10)
- When Tree gets hurt: World Tree,<p> where p=current percentage hp (75/50/25/10)
- When a player gets disconnected: CK<k>D<d>N<n>,<p> where k=creep kills, d=creep denies, n=neutral kills, p=player id of leaver

6.54b: Fixed an exploit with Borrowed Time

Ymoosa5 - Hope you guys find this to be useful!!

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Ideas for next Carnage lan? - TinyKey
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Ideas for next Carnage lan? - TinyKey
Ideas for next Carnage lan? - Geminish
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