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Title UT 3 weapons, vehicles and gameplay review / guide / totourial by Exiler
Article The following information is based on the UT 3 demo....certain things may still be changed apon release of the full version. After all the demo is called the beta version of UT 3. ( P.S. this guide / review  / totourial is quite long so get some pop corn and some coke to enjoy the reading :P )

The game has been enhanced with the amazing unreal 3 technology and with the help of the ageis physics software it makes UT look more realistic than ever before. Graphics in the game is where I shall start first. At the moment there is only a few things with which to set your graphics options. First is the resolution ( im sure I dont need to explain this to any gamer >_> ), the second is the post proccessing effects which adds things like HDR Blooming, Heat hazes, beter smoke effects and more gore and they are added if you increse it from muted to default to vivid and finaly intens, the third is Hardware Physics - the name already states what it does - but for detailed description to some people all it does is make the physics in the game look realistic to the extreme ( for instance if you die then your corpse falls beter or a metal piece of a broken vehicle flying towards you might kill you on impact  etc.)also in the full version this willallow rock slides or avelanshes to be smoother making them look more realistic, the forth is screen percentage - what it does is make your game look either extremely blurry or decently detailed - it can be set from 50% to 100% - putting it on 50% improves gameplay performance for low end pc's, the fith is the texture detail - it can be set from 1 to 5 and every number is an increase in intensity of the fine detail on lines and makes things stand out more - each level will add more bump mapping and shader to the look of the game, last but not least is number six, world detail - also able to be set from 1 to 5 all it basically does is add more "eye candy" and extra things on the terrain to make the field look more realistic - each level gives different looks, we all know v-sync so im not gona talk about that and reduced gore option just reduces the gore improving game performance and lessening the violence of the game to younger eyes ( not like killing someone is violence enough >_> )

Now its off to the gameplay. Here I will explain the different movement capabilities and strategies to staying alive and being the ultimate ut 3 gamer ( godlike UT 2k4 players dont need to read this part)
First off there is no double dodge anymore so tapping your left twice and using space bar to jump in mid air wont work! What will work though is wall jumping, doging and double jumping. There is allot of ways in UT3 to move fast! you just have to practise and find out how!
Now off to avoiding the enemy in the middle of a fight. In the event that you are facing your opponent and he is focused on the game and not the killing records of who he just killed - pushing the "F" button will be very usefull - what it does is it allows you to play dead and if your opponent is not focused on blowing up your body you might just be able to stand up with a little bit of health and sneak up behind him with a flak gun ^^.
In most cases its convinsing to the enemy and if hes smart enough he can see if he killed you....if that happens than your a sitting duck anyways >_>, I have tried this many times and 6 out of 10 times I actually fooled someone into thinking that im dead.
Now usually falling from a bridge into water in most games would not kill you but brake your UT3 you WILL take a bit of damage do to the fact that the bridge is high and the laws of physics states that if you fall from a bridge higher than 100 meters into water you will at least brake your leg - so be smart and try not to fall down :P.

Next is our Vehicle choices and gameplay. Currently there are 6 vehicles. 1st is the tripod walker which can be found in the deathmatch game called "Heat Ray"- primary fire fires a devistating link beam killing anything in its path instantly and disintergrates them into nothingness, secondary fire launches a disentergrating flame below the tripod because line of sight is no where close to the bottom of the tripod - and if your facing the tripod NEVER take a chance to stand benieth it - if your oponent is smart then he will kill you faster than you can say owend, there is also a second seat in the tripod which fires rapid shots of that of a link gun. The rest of the vehicles can only be found in the vehicle CTF mode which only has one map.
2nd is the raptor - its back and beter than ever before, faster, deadlier and more surprising than before - Primary fire allows you to rapid fire any ground units making short work of any infantry and vehicle, Secondary fire launches a missle which is souly meant for air to air combat.
3rd is our goliath tank - same as before the goliath has its primary gun and a secondary seat as the gunners position.
4rth is the "Buggy" ( I like to call it that ) - Primary fire shoots a bal which detonates on impact, Secondary fire opens a razor blade infront of your buggy which cuts anyone in its path. But wait thats not all. If you push the spacebar then your buggy will go in noss mode giving you a tremendous burst of spead, combined with the razor blade the noss mode can be extremely deadly....but also very dangerous as you got no control over stearing left or make sure you wont crash into a wall or fall of a clift :).
%th is the SPASM Tank - it serves best as a artilliry unit - When not deployed - Primary fire shoots a pulse ball, secondary fire shoots the beam that blows up the balls creating a deadly chain of doom. When deployed, primary fire shoots a radar shot ( so does secondary ) which is needed to shoot your artilliry support. Apon deployement of the satelite you will be able to shoot anywhere, where the target states you can shoot. take note that while in radar mode you are completely vulnarable to any enemy close by to your vehecle that you dont know about.
6th is the New Hummer, very fast and filled with shock absorbers this vehicle is recommended for fast recon and special ops deployment close by an enemy base. primary fire fires a pulse ball and secondary fire shoots the pulse to ignite the balls, there is also 2 more seats ( i think ) though I have not checked it out properly.
And thats it for vehecles.

Now the final and long part of the review / guide / totourial. The weapons guide.
The first weapon is the hammer nail gun. This gun replaces the shield gun from UT 2k4 and was used in UT 99's if you can recal it correctly yourself. What it lacks in protection it makes up for allot with lethal damage in close combat / courters and also it can be used to get ot places you cant normally reach with double jump. Primary fire shots nails rapidly at the enemy, though fire it as close and accurate as possible as the nails does have allot of wheight on them. Secondary fire charges all the nails into one bolt and on impact in close combat it instantly kills the enemy regardless of 150 shot one kill.
Second is our old fashion high tech pistol :P....primary fire shoots normal fire rates at the enemy BUT to much shooting a one time will make you unaccurate with that weapon. Secondary fire will shoot 3 bullest extremly fast and accuracy in this point wont decrease but simply kill if the user aims properly.
Third is our favorite snot maker - the glob ( or blob ) gun - Primary fire rapidly fires the green goo to the enemy but if it misses it will stick to any surface it lands on acting as a mine, this way you can courner you opponent and whatch him blow up in humiliation. Secondary fire creates 3 different charges of the green goo and puts is all into one big ball.....this ball - if aimed perfectly onto the enemy - will not instantly blow up the enemy but instead kill him or her slowly - you will notice your opponents body turning into a strange heavy weighted green thing and then BOOM! Whats left of your oppponent is nothing but meat, blood and possibly bones.
4rth on the list is everyones number one favorie, the pulse gun. Primary fire shoots a devistating beam at the enemy traveling at the spead of light - 3 -5 shots is instant kill....depending on the enemies health and armour - Secondary fire creates a pulse ball which can kill an enemy or be blown u by one of your pulse guns beams causing a minute black hole and sucking the enemy into the darkness in less than 2 seconds incenerating the enemy into nothingness.
5th on our list is th Link gun. Primary fire shoots rapid shots less than half a second spread between each other which may cause confusion in any opponents eyses - 6 direct shots = death - Secondary fire throws a link to the enemy which will turn him or her into a skeleton - direct aim will kill the enemy in less than 6 seconds +- depending on enemy health and armour.
Number 6 is our chain gun which has been improved a bit. Primary fire shoots extreme rapid shots at the enemy in a accurate possition never decreasing the accuraccy of the weapon nor spreading the bullets farther than the users view on the enemy - how many bullets it takes to kill the enemy is still unknown - Secondary fire combines 2 bullets into one solid diamond bullet causing leathal long range damage - preferably I use this at close combat as well as it kills faster than primary fire.
Number 7 is still inkown.
number 8 is our flak cannon. Primary fire shoots a wide area of flak at any opponent who may be far away from the user of the weapon - dodging the flak is possible but will prove to be tricky - Secondary fire shoots the flak in a ball form in a extremely limited range due to the new physics in the game. Upon impact the ball explodes sending shrapnel in ramdom directions causing bleeding damage to any opponent - picking up a health pack will stop the bleeding - also bleeding damage will only ocur if the shrapnel hits the opponent, not the blast effect.
At number 9 is our Rocket launcher. Primary fire launches one rocket at a time towards your opponent and Secondary fire ready's 3 rockets for firing - there is also 3 more tricks to using the secondary fire - you can leave secondary fire to fire the 3 rockets in a line formation or by clicking the left mouse button once you can send the rockets in a spiral formation towards the enemy ( more damage on one spot in other words ) or if you wish you can click the left mouse button twice and send the rockets in as grenades - take note that right mouse button must be kept in until you want 1,2 or 3 rockets released in either a line/spiral/grenade formation - holing in the left mouse button is not required.
At number 10 is the sniper rifle which has replaced the lightning gun. it fires a bullet fter than the lighting gun and reload is faster. primary fire just shoots a bullet at your enemy like you would a pistol - only its more lethal and faster - Secondary fire allows the scope view....holding in secondary fire zooms in on your target. This allows the best accuracy a sniper could ask for.
And last but not least is the redeemer. It's like a minute nuke and the blast radius is huge. Primary fire launches the missle like you would with a rocket launcher. Secondary fire launches the missle but you get to stear it. Bear in mind that the enemy can deny your missle's explosion by shooting it out of the sky.
O there is one more weapon I forgot - the Avril launcher - Bassically its a anti vehicle missle - primary fire launches the missle noramly and secondary fire allows you to paint your target allowing guidence for the missle - bare in mind that the missle is slow and while guiding it you are vulnarable to any hostile attacks.

Now to finish of this long article I will explain the new way to gain boosts. Adrenaline has been removed and thus youll have to pick up your boosts from the field. The different boosts are invisibility, Armour, Helmet, Boots, Beserk, UT damage, speed and invulnarability. Try finding them yourselfs as they are ment to be founded and discovered :P

So that concludes my article towards UT 3.

Please feel free to comment on this article as I would like to know if my explanations and guidens was of some use to you.

Written by
Comments (1)
18 Oct 2007
Bad grammar and spelling.. but a good explanation from the average gamers point of view. :)
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